consilium1, an IT solutions company, need to update their identity to more closely align with the depth and breadth of their service offerings. Brand materials included a new logo lockup, emphasizing c1 as the primary name used by employees and clients alike. Work with c1 and you’ll hear a common phrase, We can do that. Brand materials took that phrase and elevated it to the company’s mantra, mindset, and way of doing business. Website and case studies tell the story of real-life client challenges and how the c1 team delivered with exceptional results. The consistent conclusion? Problem solved. And the client takeaway? c1 is a confident, credible, capable team that gets my job done. Copywriting by Julie Garland Clementi

Guylaine DiSalvo, Executive VP, consilium1

What it’s like to work with Michele:
Michele is easy to work with and very professional.

Michele in a nutshell:
Creative. Thoughtful. Capable. Professional. 

What Michele has done for us:
Provided creative ways to derive a brand message from non-marketers.