Terry Cycling saddles and bikes

Over a decade of revolutionary saddle design has made Terry the leaders in comfort technology. Product design solutions include an illustrated damselfly that is dynamic yet feminine and symbolic of the saddle’s long nose and slim profile. On the FLX saddle, striking black and white leather shapes and contrast stitching bring attention to the fine Italian craftsmanship. Terry’s pro woman’s road racing team needed technical yet feminine graphics for their new frame design, Fast Woman, the first true racing frame designed for women.

Georgena Terry, Founder, Terry Cycling

What it’s like to work with Michele:
A dream! She’s responsive, agreeable and always makes the deadline.

Michele in a nutshell:
Mellow. Upbeat. Connected. Resilient.

What Michele has done for us:
Enable all facets of design, from web to catalog to emails and everything in between.

Biggest contribution:
Making us look like we’re a big, serious player!