Jewish Senior Life

This video brings the Jewish Senior Life story to life through the question: “What does it mean to be alive?” The answers to this question are told through a visual and audio collage of the Jewish Senior Life experience. Through audio soundbites, SFX, music and tight visuals, we feel the emotional energy of what it means to be alive at Jewish Senior Life. A glimpse of the night sky. A bite of a pastrami sandwich. Candles on a birthday cake. The stroke of a paintbrush on canvas. Water splashing in the pool or fountain. Traditions we still cherish. Old memories. New friends. All of these represent what the continuum of LIFE is all about. And you can find them all at Jewish Senior Life. A place where you can continue to feel truly alive, no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. Copywriting by Kate Sonnick, Cinematography by Matt Calabrese

Julie Caplan, Associate Director of Marketing, Jewish Senior Life

Michele in a nutshell:
Talented. Consistent. Disciplined. Inventive.

What Michele has done for us:
Michele’s strong creative direction on the Jewish Senior Life Notebook was invaluable. With strategic vision, she pushed us to reconfigure our original plans. The result was one powerful and inspiring piece that will work to not only support our brand but also elevate how we think about aging