FUEL16: LOST & FOUND – 2016 ADDY Best of Print + AAF District 2 + AAF National Awards. FUEL16 is an annual collaboration between Cohber and 12 of our area’s most talented creatives. The result is a showcase calendar designed to inspire creativity all year long. Each year, FUEL creatives riff on a theme. This year, 12 writers explored the theme of Lost & Found. Together with my FUEL16 creative team members Kate Sonnick and Diane Fitzgerald Harris, we enlisted the writers through a teaser campaign: three letters from a mysterious person named “Art.” The three letters were anonymously hand-delivered to each writer over the course of three days. (And managed to freak a few of them out.) Their stories, in turn, are told through the lost art of letter-writing, which is found again inside each envelope. FUEL16 brand materials include logo, teaser letters, calendar, envelopes, monthly audio blasts and RAF Addy show book ad. Letter writers: Chuck Cerankosky, Stacey Rowe, Pete Wayner, V.J. Ortiz, Matt Smythe, Leah Stacy, Joe Moore, Brad Garret, Sister Mary Anne Laurer, Jonathan Everett, Amy Bown and Cindy Rogers.

Judi Gavin, VP Sales and CCO, Cohber, Inc.

What it’s like to work with Michele:
With Michele, you get the whole package. She’s smart, responsive, creative and attentive to all details of the project. She takes the worry away and delivers an exceptional end product on time.

Michele in a nutshell:
Gifted. Original. Detail-oriented. Tenacious.

What Michele has done for us:
Michele goes above and beyond without having to ask to deliver her best.

Biggest contribution:
Michele and the FUEL creative team’s ingenious ideas and execution have led to unprecedented recognition for Cohber. Because of FUEL, we’ve won Best of Print in our industry’s biggest show and multiple silver & gold Addy Awards at the local, regional and national level. Most exciting was winning a national Gold in the print category, the highest honor at the American Advertising Awards.