ABVI’s annual report celebrates 100 years of preparing and empowering people with barriers to work. The stories told in this centennial annual report are both retrospective and future focused. See an artist, a chicken farmer, a leader and a child. Stories focus on how ABVI has helped change their lives for good. Copywriting by Robin Lohkamp and photography by John Myers

Sondra Imperati, VP Marketing, ABVI-Goodwill

What it’s like to work with Michele:
Michele becomes part of the fabric of her client’s environment and understands her clients’ challenges to create a truly different perspective and creative approach. She is an excellent project manager who uses and offers all of her creative resources to ensure that every project over delivers in terms of results.

Michele in a nutshell:
Strategic. Smart. Passionate. Uniquely original.

What Michele has done for us:
Michele takes our marketing briefs and turns them into true works of art that speak to shoppers, donors and the individuals we serve in a different, appropriate and breakthrough way. Her work generates buzz!

Biggest contribution:
Michele has helped ABVI and Goodwill communicate our mission and benefits to the community in a cool, engaging and beautiful way.

Most memorable project:
Michele worked in partnership with my team to bring to life the brand for “blue—A Goodwill Boutique.” She created the logo treatment, signage and ad campaign, and provided recommendations on color, fixturing and merchandising for the store. Her vision and creative genius helped create the image and ambiance our customers have come to know and love.