Terry Cycling apparel

Terry’s conservation jersey, awarded Jersey of the Month by Bicycling Magazine, tells the story of neotropical migrant birds. The jersey is a part of Georgena Terry’s effort to support the work of conservation biologists. Team Terry’s high-performance signature jersey features a ”ride like a girl“ theme.

Paula Dyba, VP Marketing, Terry Cycling

What it’s like to work with Michele:
A wonderful collaboration of creativity: giving life to a company, creating products and inventing a catalog that have revolutionized women’s cycling.

My favorite design projects:
I love the Damselfly Saddle and the Fast Woman Bicycle which project feminine strength and beauty in product design.

My favorite graphic project:
The latest evolution of our packaging/identity makes me proud of the brand.

Michele in a nutshell:
Passionate. Talented. Collaborative. True.

Biggest contribution:
Helping us achieve double-digit sales growth for 6 consecutive years. Redefining what it looks and feels like to be a female cyclist.